The animation stream focuses you on performance, action, and storytelling. Building on the classical principles of animation, you will learn to create the illusion of living, breathing human and animal characters. You will also study virtual camera work and storyboarding: how to think like a filmmaker and media artist.

Sydney Padua

Prior to joining the team in early October 2015 Sydney was Senior Animator on the recent Jungle Book.

With an outstanding career in high end feature film animation she will guide you through this immensely complex and demanding subject from the perspective of a top industry professional. Sydney is also an outstanding comic artist, nominated for 2 Eisner Awards in 2016: Best Writer-Artist and Best New Graphic Album for The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage (Pantheon).

Sydney’s Portfolio

3D & 2D Animation

We concentrate on 3D animation for film and games, but you will also learn 2d and experimental animation techniques so you can explore what the medium has to offer and where your strengths are.

Training for the industry and beyond

We train you to be both a creative artist and a skilled craftsperson, ready to animate for the games and film industry or to bring your own visions to life.