Character Creation

You will receive a grounding in 3D digital graphics, character and creature animation, visual effects and compositing. As you progress through the levels of study we will expect you to specialize your skills, taking into consideration the field in which you would like to begin your professional career. Specialist areas are animation, digital FX and the creation of 3D art / assets.

Ackeem Durrant

Ackeem is an industry professional and character designer / sculptor. He splits his time teaching for us and working freelance. He also supports the 3rd year creative projects. We were delighted to welcome Ackeem to the team in September 2016.

Ackeem’s Portfolio

Radoslav Hristov

Radoslav submitted his third year Character Model ‘Aerus’ to Grads in Games: Search For Star and received this feedback:

“100% – The work you submitted was some of the best our judges saw in the competition and unanimously voted to move you through to round 2 – congratulations!”

From Radoslav:
“A 3D character I sculpted, textured, rigged and posed. Created for a third year group project based on a game cutscene and soon to be used within a functional game. Aerus was designed to be a mythical dragon, who lives in a fictional heavenly realm called “The Aether”, which mostly consists of floating islands. He uses a powerful magical bow as a way to defend himself and protect ancient temples and artifacts.”

See Radoslav’s work on Artstation


Antoni Zakheos


“My first model I created of any gun, and first time ever texturing in substance and I love it! Substance painter actually makes texturing so fun”
– Antoni

See Antoni’s work on Artstation


Alex Young & Jamie Carroll

Our main source of inspiration came from the Temple of Athena in Delphi. We used Maya and Zbrush for modelling, Substance Painter for textures and Redshift for rendering. The aim of our project was to create a realistic environment that would work well with animated characters.”
– Alex Young

Laura Wheeler – Fairy Model

Jack Hubbard