Nicola Brown

Nicky is a visual effects artist and a 3D generalist who joined us in April 2015. She has worked on productions for the BBC, ITV, Disney, Jellyfish Pictures and the History Channel with several years of experience in visual effects, animation and games. Nicky has a broad knowledge base and is always expanding it further. Nicky also supports 3rd year Creative Projects.

FX is a very broad category, it ranges from requiring knowledge in tracking, understanding how HDRIs work, to rendering and compositing believable work, be it an explosion, a fluid simulation or animated character.

We cover a broad range of elements of interest and allow students to specialise in the areas that most interest them.

– Nicola Brown

Houdini, Realflow, Nuke X.

The VFX part of the course covers teaching in Nuke, Houdini, Realflow and more. You will learn how to create advanced dynamics and simulations – from fire, smoke and explosions to towering cascading waterfalls and flooded cities. Another mainstay of VFX is compositing.